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Wuertz Gourd Farm

The Ultimate Gourd Source For Artists and Crafters!!!

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CLEANED Large Banana Gourd Special Medium Bushel Gourd Special
CLEANED Large Banana Gourd SpecialMedium Bushel Gourd Special

In this special you get 12 CLEANED large banana gourds that are 12"-17" long. These are perfect for making spirit dolls and rainsticks. They are also very thick which makes them great for carving and woodburning.

In this special you get 13 uncleaned bushel gourds that are 6"-7" in diameter. This year they turned out beautiful. They have a slight point on each one but they all sit flat and have beautiful shells. The are perfect for bowls and and shorter vases.



Flat Apple Gourd Special Snakey Banana Gourd Special
Flat Apple Gourd SpecialSnakey Banana Gourd Special

In this special you get 13 uncleaned flat apple gourds that are 6"-7" wide.

You get 14 uncleaned snake shaped banana gourds that are 2'-3' long. These are much thicker than regular snake gourds!!!



The "Little Guys" Gourd Special
The "Little Guys" Gourd Special

These are some gourds that we had show up a few years ago on accident. They didn't have a name so we just called them the "Little Guys". They are a super thick hard shell gourd that a 200 lb man can stand on without them breaking. They are...