Alcohol Ink Finishes

Alcohol Ink Finishes
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Alcohol Ink Finishes


**Dress In Layers, This Class Is Outside. Refunds for cold weather will not be given!**




Teacher: Sue Brogdon


9:30am-3:30pm Saturday March 10th, 2018


Level: All Levels


Will Students leave with a finished project?Yes


Students Must Bring-   two small cleaned cannonballs and four miniature cleaned  gourd (drill the center of all six gourds with a 1/16” drill bit), plastic or latex gloves, heat tool, denatured alcohol, fast drying gel glue such as Gorilla glue, a scissors and wire cutter.

Class Description:  Alcohol inks, when mixed, blended or washed together create a plethora of vibrant colors.  Instructor will demonstrate about 15 ways to utilize these bold colors – dripping, outlining, stamping, painting, blending, and used in combination with other products such as metallic foil, cloisonné, and markers.  Students will then select one of their gourds and try their hand at six of the different techniques.  Instructor will also give students an overview of the brands of alcohol inks on the market and share some thoughts about color theory with students to help you better understand how to select colors for bold or subdued looks.  Later in the afternoon you will finish embellishing the cannonballs and the ornaments with wire, beads and feathers.