Bear Grass Vase

Bear Grass Vase
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Bear Grass Vase

**Dress In Layers, This Class Is Outside. Refunds for cold weather will not be given!**


Teacher: Sue Brogdon

9:30am-4:30pm Wednesday March 24th, 2021

Level: All Levels

Will Students leave with a finished project? Some students will complete the project.

Students Must Bring- Students should bring a cleaned (outside of gourd) 15” or taller vase gourd that has been belt-sanded, with a circular opening about 4” in diameter and cleaned on the inside, saw and coarse blades, pencil and flexible tape measure, a power strip, 26 gage brass wire (Michaels), a good quality mask or respirator, 1/16” drill bit, plastic or latex gloves, heat tool, scissors, wire cutter, old towel and a bucket.

Also bring a Covid style mask to wear when we cant be socially distant, a sack lunch and drinks to last you the duration of the class.

Class Description: This vase features a rock from Morocco that has been encased in resin and free form bear grass weaving. We will start by placing the “u-cut” on the gourd, then cutting it out, marking the locations of the drill holes and drilling. Dye inks will be provided and the piece will be sealed. The last step is weaving the rim of the gourd and around the rock. During the workshop, the instructor will discuss how to prepare bear grass for use in art projects, demonstrate how to put the resin-encased rock and show how to line a gourd with handmade paper.