Electrocuted Gourds

Electrocuted Gourds
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Electrocuted Gourds


**Dress In Layers, This Class Is Outside. Refunds for cold weather will not be given!**




Teacher: Sue Brogdon


9:30am-3:30pm Saturday March 17th, 2018


Level: All Levels


Will Students leave with a finished project?Yes


Students Must Bring-   One large or two small electrocuted gourds (purchase in advance of the class or on the morning of the class.  Fracked gourds are sold at Wuertz Farm), pencil, tape measure, micro saw with course saw blades, gourd cleaning device, dust mask or respirator, can of black spray paint, an old towel, an old toothbrush, steel wool and a bucket.

Class Description:  Every gourd artist and enthusiast needs an electrocuted gourd in their collection.  What a conversation piece!  We will start the morning in the store at Wuertz Farm  where you can purchase one large or two small gourds for use today.  Then we will adjourn to the outdoor classroom and design a rim specific to each piece,  cut the gourd and do minor cleanup of the exterior.  After you clean the inside, we will move onto inking the surface with dye inks and then we will add a rim treatment specific for each piece.  Instructor will cover basic coiling as well as couching and using beads in the rim treatment.