Jumping Cholla Carving Class

Jumping Cholla Carving Class
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Jumping Cholla Carving Class

**Dress In Layers, This Class Is Outside. Refunds for cold weather will not be given!**


Teacher: Debra Williams

9:30am-3:00pm Friday March 19th, 2021

Level: All levels

Will Students leave with a finished project? Some will

Students Must Bring- Dremel type tool with 4 burs; yellow saburr tooth large ½ cylinder (or tool you prefer to take off first layer of gourd skin), structured tooth carbide ball bur, filigree bur, 5 or 6 mm diamond undercutting bur, good quality dust mask for carving and eye protection.

Also bring a Covid style mask to wear when we cant be socially distant, a sack lunch and drinks to last you the duration of the class.

Class Description: During this class you will learn how to carve your gourd to look like the skeleton of the jumping cholla cactus.  I will show you how to use your burs to get this effect.  Please keep in mind this is a technique class and you may not leave with a finished gourd.  I will have for sale during class all the burs listed above if you need them.  

If you have questions please email mochashadow@cox.net or call 623-694-8302.