Saguaro Transformation

Saguaro Transformation
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Saguaro Transformation

**Dress In Layers, This Class Is Outside. Refunds for cold weather will not be given!**


Teacher: Debra Williams

9:30am-3:00pm Saturday March 26th, 2022

Level: All levels

Will Students leave with a finished project? Some will & some won"t. They will know how to finish at home if they dont finish in class.

Students Must Bring- Dremel/Power carver, Yellow Saburr Tooth Large 1⁄2” cylinder (or what ever bur you like to take off the top layer of skin), filigree bur, diamond wheel undercutting bur, dust mask, eye protection, heat tool, paint brushes round #4, liner#1 

Debra will provide ink dyes, acrylic paints, spray sealer, gloves and a cleaned craft ready gourd.


Class Description:  In this class you will create a desert scene showing the transformation of the saguaro cactus from blooms to skeleton. I will show you how to use your burs to get this effect. We will use acrylic paints to paint our desert and washes to high light the skeleton. You may not finish your gourd, but will leave with the knowledge to complete your gourd at home. I will have the burs that are needed for sale during class.


If you have any questions please E-mail or call 623-694-8302