Sculptural Vessel Class

Sculptural Vessel Class
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Sculptural Vessel Class


**Dress In Layers, This Class Is Outside. Refunds for cold weather will not be given!**




Teacher: Sue Brogdon


9:30am-4:30pm Saturday March 31st, 2018


Level: Intermediate-Advanced


Will Students leave with a finished project?No, but detailed instructions will be provided so students can complete at home


Students Must Bring-  a cleaned (outside of gourd)  9-10” canteen gourd, pencil and flexible tape measure, gourd saw and coarse blades, gourd cleaning device,  dremel or micro-carver and a large ball cutting bur, 1/16” drill bit, plastic or latex gloves, heat tool, power strip, bucket, an old towel, and a small container of mod podge.  

Class Description:  This gourd features a design on both the front and the back, so you could showcase it in front of a mirror or on a freestanding piece of furniture.  First we will design the pattern on the gourd, then cut, clean the inside and drill all the holes for the couching.  Next we will color the gourd with ink dye, then seal it and stipple the gourd and then seal again.  The last step will entail couching bear grass around the sensuous curves and circular focal point.  The instructor will demonstrate how to line the gourd with handmade mulberry paper.  Students will complete most of the weaving during the class session, but will have to paper the gourd at home.