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8"x8" Membrane for Thunder Gourds Gourd Awl
8"x8" Membrane for Thunder GourdsGourd Awl

This the synthetic membrane you need when making a thunder gourd. This is the higher quality 15 mil thickness that the professionals use.

 This Gourd Awl is great for poking holes into a gourd.



Gourd Saw Gourd Scrubber
Gourd SawGourd Scrubber

 This gourd saw is great for making simple cuts.

 These gourd scrubbers are great for scrubbing the skin off gourds.



Narrow Gourd Scraper Thunder Gourd Spring
Narrow Gourd ScraperThunder Gourd Spring

 This narrow gourd scraper is great for scraping the inside of the gourd.

This is the key element you need for making a thunder gourd. This spring provides the great thunder sound when added to a gourd with a sheet of our synthetic membrane.



Wide Gourd Scraper